OFF THE WATER #1 Simon Torenbeek
Simon Torenbeek with big zander

OFF THE WATER #1 Simon Torenbeek

For this first edition, i am proud to receive a dutch guy, a talented crafter and my best friend : Simon Torenbeek.

Hey Simon, thanks you to answer to my questions. To start this interview could you tell us more about you ?

Thanks for having me as first angler on your interviews! In short about me: 28 years old and fishing since my 10th, so 18 years ago. I live in the southern part of Holland, close to the big rivers and delta lakes. A dream location for a passionate lure angler like me, there are so much fishing possibilities! The technique I use most is casting softbaits on jigheads – it’s just the most versatile technique out there. You can literally catch everything anywhere. Deep / shallow, pike, zander of perch. So cool!

For people who don’t know you, you were prostaff for Gunki, and you became in 2019 product manager for Pure Fishing, how it’s going ?

Indeed, I have been with Gunki since their start, had a lot of fun to see the brand grow and support them with content and some marketing work behind the screens. Just over a year ago I resigned and joined the Pure Fishing family as a full-time job. I’m product manager of mainly the baits for Berkley & Abu Garcia and that’s so much fun! A lot of opportunities and new ideas that become reality. Keep an eye out because my first big projects will hit the market this autumn 😊

We are impatient to see the fruits of your work ! What is the most difficult thing in creating products ?

One of the most difficult things is to make the right decisions in what to bring and what not to bring to the market. It’s impossible to bring all your ideas to the market so making decisions on which products we continue with and which we drop is a difficult one. I am using a big group of passionate anglers and sales colleagues to check my decisions. That’s the advantage of working for a big company, you’re never alone.

Do you know or feel that Netherland is an amazing country for fishing ?

Yes I am totally aware that the Netherlands is an amazing fishing destination, no wonder a lot of German, Belgian and French anglers travel to NL once in a while. We have a big variety of waters, all super close to each other and most of them hold pretty good fish.

Do you have some fishing plan for 2020 ? Back to Norway again ?

A lot of plans already! I will go to Norway indeed, targeting the Halibut and Cod. Also a week of catfish fishing in your beautiful country is planned. Next to fishing trips, I am also participating in the YouTube Predator Cup this year so that’s going to consume a lot of my fishing time (if I make it trough the selection rounds of course).

I have some questions about the Predator Cup … Just before, you came many times in France for catfishing, how was it ?

Yes fishing for catfish in France keeps me coming back. I love the combination: France is just a beautiful country for a trip a few days. Nice food, nice landscape and most of the time quite nice weather too. And, yes, your rivers hold a lot of catfish. I’ll be back soon 🙂

French anglers, if you don’t like catfish, just leave them there for me. I’ll catch them for you!

“Zimon” this year you will participate to the Predator cup, on Youtube channel. Are you ready ?

In the weeks before the competition I will be traveling a bit for work so I don’t really have a great timing to do proper pre fishing. But it’s my luck to have the waters right around the corner so I know a few spots already through the years 😉. Actually now I’m busy to fill my lure boxes properly again, get organized an make a game plan. I’ll give my best!-

You will fight against someone who you know well : Marc Ptacovsky, what do you think about him ? Did you ever fished with him ?

Yes Marc and I have fished a couple of times, Marc is a super skilled angler! When it comes to techniques and finesse, he will outfish me for sure. But I think I have a slight advantage when it comes to the fishing spots. It’s going to be an exciting competition for sure, fingers crossed!

We wish you the best, tanks for this interview!

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