In this time of war, we really need to be closer that each other. For the first time, we are all on the same situation. This interview was realised before the lockdown. I didn't want modify it. I hope you will appreciate, and occupy a little bit your day. Stay safe, stay at home for humanity. Tomorrow will come.
adrien christophe
Adrien Christophe

Hey Marc, thanks you to took time to answer to my questions. How do you live the lockdown  ? 

Hey, oh not too bad. The situation is really strange! How to expect something like this. Luckily we are allowed to go out in Germany. I mainly use my time to clean up at home and organize my fishing tackle. And of course I go out fishing (alone). Let’s cross fingers that we can go back to “normal life” soon.

Let’s start this interview by talking about your bio. Where do you come from ? When did you start fishing ? 

Hello Adrien, first of all thank you for that possibility and this interview. I’m 30 years old, I live in the mid/south of Germany close to Frankfurt/Main and I started fishing when I was 7 years old. My very first memory of fishing is going out with a good friend, a wooden stick and piece of line, trying to catch something without a clue what we are doing or what we are supposed to do – but even without any success I was hooked up the first minute by fishing and nature. And until today I´m totally addicted to fishing!

The young boy who fished with a wooden stick is now a prostaff angler … How did you evolve in this way ?

Marc ptacovsky pike fishing

In the end it all dates back to being a passionate fisherman in teeny age. I spent every minute possible on the water, most of the time at a small fishing club’s lake close to home. I was interested in every kind of fishing, tried to learn from the “older” guys and read fishing magazines (there was no social media at that time) . After a while I was focusing on course fishing and met the son of Thomas Engert at our small lake during a junior course fishing competition. Thomas was the German sales manager for SENSAS. I got in touch with him and that’s when it all started. First I was fishing under Sensas flag in course fishing. Then, with the start of Illex I was more and more in to fishing for predators. Soon I was an Illex Pro-Staff angler and fished my first official FIPSed Black-Bass Worldchampionship in 2008 at the age of 18 years -by the way finishing on the podium. I’ll tell you more about that later

For those who don’t know you, you actually work for Sensas company, can you tell us what do you do ?

It was also Thomas Engert (thank you THOMAS) and Bernard Leveque who got me working in the fishing business. I’ve started working for SENSAS as a sales man in 2015 and my main businesses are the sales B2B.
I also appreciate to take part on the field promotion and work closely together with Thomas Vogels, the product manager for ILLEX and Jerome Riffaud, the product manager for GUNKI at product development. It´s a real pleasure to work for such an innovative company and I´m looking forward to the future!

You are a talented angler in competition, do you remember your prize list ? Which competitions did you participate in?

It all started in 2008 with the official FIPSed Black Bass World Championship in Italy at Lake Garda. The biggest success however I had in 2014 by winning the FIPSed Predator World Championship in France at Lac de Bourget together with my boat part ner Thomas Engert. I don’t want to extend this answer much so I´m going to name the biggest ones only.

2008 Black Bass World Championship (Italy) – Bronze Medal Team
2010 Black Bass World Championship (Portugal) – Bronze Medal Team
2014 Predator World Championship (France) – Gold Medal individually
2019 Black Bass World Championship (South Africa) – Bronze Medal Team
2019 Black Bass World Championship (South Africa) – Bronze Medal individually
2019 World Predator Classic – 1st Place Team Event
2019 World Predator Classic – 6st Place individually

Marc Ptacovsky and Thomas Engert at world bass championship

Well done Marc for your results. I sincerely hope that you will add more line on this prize list. We wish you the best !

What do you feel when you fish for the Germany bass team ?

Big competitions are always exciting for me and push me in a special way. Heading out to the start line or waiting for your Boat number to be called is a special feeling that pushes me into a rush where you are focused and forget about anything else.
Fishing for the German Predator and Bass Team is a big honor and it lets you work even harder on every event. On the other hand that means also a lot of pressure to work with. You don’t want to have a bad result, not for your team, not for your Nation and of course not for yourself. Unfortunately sometimes that’s part of the game competing against the best in the world. Sometimes, fishing in big competitions like the WC you will have more lows than highs. As long as the highs outweigh the lows it´s worth to continue doing it. If you are willing to work hard the success will come!

You joined Frédéric Jullian in 2018 for Perch Pro, in what way is this competition different than a world cup ?

If you ask me, “luck” is playing a big role in Perch Pro!
Of course the rules are different than in a WC but the biggest difference is that the teams are spread out all over Europe and fishing different waters. That makes it difficult…the first important thing in Perch Pro is picking the right water – then the competition fishing. If all teams are fishing the same water, you don’t need luck on your side in my opinion. You just need to put the puzzle together and find the right pattern, than you are going to catch them. However, I really like the format of Perch Pro even if it looks like we always miss that little bit of luck at the end.

Marc ptacovsky with Frédéric Jullian Training for Perch pro

The victory was close in Perch pro 6, do you have some regrets ? Is it a really difficult competition ?

No I don´t have any regrets, neither for season 5 nor season 6. Like I said the most difficult thing is picking the right water and then find the fish and the pattern. I think I Fred and I did a great job in both seasons! We were catching them, so there are no regrets!

What is your best memory during those two editions ? At the opposite your worst one ?

There are a lot of good memories! What could be better than travel through Europe and catch big perch. Especially like in season 5 on top water! Fred is a great guy, we had a lot of fun on the water and on the road. Of course the worst memory is being a little short in both seasons – but that fishing! We enjoyed it and that’s most important!

Marc ptacovsky with a big perch

This year you will participate to the Predator cup, on youtube channel. Are you ready ?

Well right now there are only two weeks left and I´m not ready at all! I know the Netherlands from fishing from the boat, but from shore I feel a little bit lost. Soon I will start my pre fishing and I´m counting on my friends and my team (also you Adrien) and hope to find the fish and pattern that put me into the next round!

You will fight against someone who you know well : Simon Torenbeek, we ask him the same questions than you (Discover the interview of Simon) what do you think about him ? Have you ever fished with him ? How’s it gonna be ?

Yes I know Simon “well”. And I have fished with him a few times before. Without a doubt all anglers in this season of the YPC are super skilled and there is no “easy” group. If I could have wished for one fisherman not to be in my group it would have been Simon. To me he is a very skilled angler and he knows the waters around like the back of his hands and that makes it even worse. Only two fisherman out of six will be in the second round. Simon is not only my favorite in our group, to me he is the guy that is may going to win the YPC 2020! So I´m excited and can’t wait to roll the dice!!!

We wish you the best, tanks for this interview !

Thank you very much and thanks again for having me!

Gros black bass espagnol pour Marc Ptacovsky

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See you next time.